October 2013 Bluum Box Review

So last month I decided to subscribe to Bluum Box, after seeing some good reviews for previous boxes. When I got home from work today, I was excited to see that my October 2013 Bluum Box was waiting on my doorstep. For those not familiar with it, Bluum Box is a monthly baby and toddler subscription box, similar to Citrus Lane. Bluum Box is $24.95 a month, and each box includes a variety of hand picked, age appropriate items for your baby or toddler. Each month also has a theme, based on your child’s age. Claire is 9 months this month, and the theme of the 9 month old box is “Let’s Practice Standing”, which is exactly what Claire has been doing a lot of lately.

Bluum Box October 2013

Bluum Box October 2013

When I first opened the box, I was happy to see a large board book. When I looked at it more closely I saw that it made sounds, and so I was sure Claire would like it. I was also happy to see a new flavor of Luna Bar, since I eat Luna Bars frequently. The baby food pouch was another good item, as Claire loves those things and we can never have too many. Besides that, I did wish that there was some sort of toy in the box, instead of a lot of health care related products.

Bluum Box October 2013 (4)

This is the card that was included in my box. The theme of my Bluum Box┬áthis month was “Let’s Practice Standing”, and apparently how Bluum works is that everyone with a 9 month old baby will get a box themed “Let’s Practice Standing”. All 10 month old babies would get a different theme. So each month your theme changes based on your child’s age. I like the theme, since Claire was been standing a lot recently. However, I didn’t think the box actually had much to do with the theme.

Bluum Box October 2013 (1)

Priddy Books – Bright Baby Touch Feel Listen Duckling And Friends – $8.95

This was definitely my favorite item in the box. Claire loves toys that make noise, and also loves books. This is a book that both makes noise and has fur and other textures she can touch. It will be a nice addition to our board book collection.

Bluum Box October 2013 (2)

Happy Baby – Homestyle Meals – Brown Rice Pudding – $1.69

I have bought baby food pouches from this brand several times, but I don’t think I have ever seen this Brown Rice Pudding flavor before. This flavor actually sounds really good, and kind of makes me tempted to try it myself. I am sure Claire will like it, as she likes almost all food.

Bluum Box October 2013 (7)

Circle Of Friends – Organic Makwa Calming Cream – $13.00

I am also happy to see organic products, and I look forward to trying this cream. This cream is enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E and is designed for sensitive skin. I like that it is free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and dyes.

Bluum Box October 2013 (5)

Ocusoft Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser – Travel Size – $6.00

When I first saw this product, I didn’t really understand it. Why would you need wipes for just eyelids and eyelashes? My baby doesn’t really get eye gunk, but I think I will still use these, as they appear to be gentle face wipes.

Bluum Box October 2013 (3)

Luna – Carrot Cake Bar – $1.29

I have been a fan of Luna Bars for a few years now, and so I am always happy to try a new flavor. I like carrot cake, so I thought I would probably like this bar. My husband and I ended up splitting it, and both thought it was good. It has a bit of a spicy flavor which I like.

Bluum Box October 2013 (6)

Boiron – Camilia Teething Relief – $6.85

Claire still doesn’t have any teeth, so I can’t comment about the effectiveness of this product yet, but I am sure I will have need of it in the future. The reviews I saw for it online were mostly positive, so I will stash it away for future use.

Bluum Box October 2013 (9)

Claire checking out her new book

So overall I thought this box was decent, but not as nice as some others I have seen in previous months. I will continue to subscribe for November, and hope that next month there will be some sort of toy in the box. I do like that this box included several products I wasn’t familiar with, that I think I will use either now or in the future.

Are you interested in trying Bluum Box? Bluum Box is $24.95 a month, or cheaper if you buy a longer subscription. If you use this link, you will get 50% off your first box.

Do you subscribe to Bluum? What did you think of this month’s box? What was your theme and how old is your little one?

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