Citrus Lane August 2013 Review

I got my Citrus Lane August 2013 box today and overall I was very happy with it. Everything in the box are items that I think we will use. My box this month is for a 7 month baby girl, although besides the bottle strap, everything is gender neutral. I was excited that a book was included in this month’s box, I love reading Claire books, but get sick of reading the same story over and over.

If you are not familiar with Citrus Lane, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service for babies and children ages 0-5. You tell Citrus Lane the age of your child, and then select a box for either girls, boys or gender neutral. Each month Citrus Lane sends you several high quality baby products based on your child’s age. The boxes are $25 a month, or $21 a month when you buy a 6 month subscription. If you use my¬†invite link, you can save $10 off your first month’s box. The value of the box is usually significantly over the price of the box, and it’s a great way to learn about and try new baby and kid products. August is the 5th month I have been a Citrus Lane subscriber, and I have been very impressed with all their boxes so far.


Citrus Lane August 2013

My first impression with this month’s box was a good one. I immediately saw the cute duck stacker, and thought it would be something Claire would like. I had been wanting to get her a plush stacker, so now we have one :) I was also very happy to see another board book, in my opinion you can never have too many board books.


Citrus Lane August 2013 Product List

Here is the product list that was included in the box. I like that this is included so I can learn more about everything in the box. This month’s box had four fulled sized items, one sample, and a free trial offer for a clothing subscription (more on that below). I thought the box had a good variety with one toy, one book, two baby care products and one “make mom’s life easier” product, which is the bottle strap :)


Little Stackers from Rich Frog – $12.95

This was probably my favorite item in the book. It is a cute 3 tiered plush stacker with a duck head. I got a duck, but in the photo on my pamphlet for the month there is a picture of a frog one, and I read another Citrus Lane review who got a monkey, so there are several different animals you could have received. I like the duck, but I do I like the monkey and frog a bit better. Claire seems very happy with the duck though, she already started putting it in her mouth, which I take as a sign she likes it.


Cleo’s Color Book by Barefoot Books – $6.29

Like I mentioned above, I love board books. We are trying to encourage a love of reading from a young age by reading to Claire daily. So far she loves books. I already read this one to her and it is a cute book that features a cat, and is about things that are different colors. I am not sure if everyone got this same book, or if there was some variety. This is the second book I have gotten from Barefoot Books, and I was very impressed with the quality of both books. I hope Citrus Lane continues to send books in their boxes, and I may buy a few more Barefoot Books in the near future.


Baby Bottle Strap from Ah Goo Baby – $10.50

At first I thought this was a pacifier strap (and I can never have enough of those!), but actually this is a bottle/sippy cup strap. Claire is just getting to the point where she likes to throw her bottles and other objects, and it does get annoying searching around on the floor for them. I think I will use this to attach her water sippy cup to her car seat and stroller so they don’t end up falling on the floor.


All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell – $1.75

From the description provided by Citrus Lane, these wipes are biodegradable, and made with thyme oil, which kills germs naturally. I think these will be useful on the go, so I am putting them straight into my diaper bag.


Calendula Diaper Care for Diaper Rash Samples from Weleda

I haven’t used this diaper rash cream before, but I will give it a try. The box came with two sample packets. From the description this is a double duty cream for both soothing and creating a protective barrier from future rashes.


Free Trial Offer from FabKids – $39.95

Lastly the box came with a 20% off Barefoot Books coupon, and an offer for a free outfit from FabKids, a $39.95 value! I hadn’t heard of FabKids before, but it appears to be a children’s clothing subscription service. The coupon code is for one free outfit in any size between 2 and 12. Although Claire is only in 9 month -12 month size right now, I will still be checking out this offer and probably getting her an outfit in size 2 and saving it for the future.

So overall the total of August’s box was $71.44, or $31.49 if you don’t include the FabKids offer. Either way it is more than the $25 price of the box, and in my opinion all of the items were of good quality and usable. If you are interested in trying Citrus Lane you can click here to save $10 off your first box.

Did you get a Citrus Lane August 2013 box, and if so what did you get in your box and what age child do you have? Citrus Lane boxes vary by age, so I am always interested to see what other people get.


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