10 First Birthday Party Theme Ideas


Here are some ideas and inspiration for first birthday party themes. I previously posted ideas and inspiration for a Rainbow birthday party and a Minnie Mouse themed party, so I included those, and I also added a bunch of new ones. Although I am planning for Claire’s first birthday, these themes would work well for toddlers or older children as well.


Woodland Birthday Theme

Woodland First Birthday Party Theme – Spaceships and Laser Beams

A woodland theme is a cute theme that can work for both boys and girls. I think it’s a great theme if you can have the party outdoors. If you have access to it, you can find supplies for a lot of woodland themed decorations just buy collecting items outside, such as acorns and branches. I love the mushroom cupcakes featured in this photo, and also the felt fox, both of which you could make yourself.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Theme

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Theme – Wonderfully Made Events

Growing up I loved the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I still love it today. I actually received three different copies of this book at my baby shower, and now Claire likes this book as well. This is a cute theme that is gender neutral and a lot of fun. I love the idea of lining up cupcakes to make a caterpillar shape. For food that is not caterpillar shaped, as long as you follow the color scheme, you have many options for what you can do.

Thomas The Train Birthday Party

Thomas The Train Birthday Party - Babble

Thomas The Train is another book I loved as a kid, and it is a fun idea of a birthday party. You can use primary colors such as red, blue and yellow. I love the cookies featured in this photo, and I wish I was talented enough to make them!

Zoo Themed Birthday Party

Zoo Themed First Birthday Party – Kara’s Party Ideas

A Zoo theme is a great theme for all the animal lovers out there. Since many different animals are found at the Zoo, you can have a lot of creativity with this one. There are many different color schemes that would work well for this theme. For the party featured above, they choose a yellow, blue, white and orange theme, with some other colors mixed in. The felt animals are adorable, and are relatively easy to make.

Sesame Street Themed Birthday Cake

Sesame Street First Birthday Cake – Cake Central

Here is a cake I ran across that I absolutely loved! If your kid is a fan of Sesame Street, and many kids are, this is a great theme idea. You can do a color scheme of primary colors such as green, yellow, red and blue to compliment this theme. Although the link above is only for a cake, there are many Sesame Street party supplies available, such as Elmo Plates and Cupcake Stands.

Cat in the Hat Birthday Party The Cat in the Hat Party – Catch My Party

The Cat in the Hat is another children’s book I have fond memories of growing up. This iconic book by Dr. Seuss would make a great theme for children, or nostalgic adults who also loved The Cat in the Hat as a child. This theme works well with a red, white and blue color scheme, like in the party above. The cake they made in his photo is really awesome, it makes me want to take a cake decorating class, but even then I doubt I could make a cake this elaborate.

Hello Kitty Party Hello Kitty Birthday Party – Squidoo

I was a fan of Hello Kitty as a child, and I would have loved to have a themed party like this. Even as an adult I think Hello Kitty is very cute. This would be a great theme for a young Hello Kitty fan. If you already own some Hello Kitty merchandise, you may be able to incorporate it into you decorations.

Sock Monkey Birthday Party Sock Monkey Birthday Party - Hostess with the Mostess

A sock monkey is one of the first toys I remember having as a kid, and since then I have always liked sock monkeys. This is theme that would work with many different color schemes, the party above choose white, red, blue and brown. If you have some sock monkeys you can put them on display at the party.

Rainbow Birthday Party Table Display

Rainbow Birthday Party

This is probably my favorite theme for a First birthday party. It works great for both boys or girls, and it is an easy theme to do inexpensively. You can easily find plates, cups, silverware and decorations in different colors in your local store. There are many food items such as fruits and veggies that naturally come in rainbow colors, and you can also add food coloring to other food to make it whatever color you want. I have found some free rainbow printable decorations online, and you can also buy rainbow colored construction paper and make some decorations yourself.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday

Minnie Mouse, or Mickey Mouse, is a great theme idea for all the Disney lovers out there. It is easy to add mouse ears to many food items and decorations. There are also a lot of Disney themed party decorations out there that you can easily buy online or in store. Some color theme ideas are white, red and black or white, pink and black.


What Birthday Party theme are you planning for your child? What are some of you favorite Birthday themes?

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