Love With Food March 2014 Review

I am late in reviewing my Love With Food box this month, as well as some other boxes. Once we settle down from moving I should have more time for my blog again. Until then my updates may be a bit sparse. We ate all the food in this box already so I can review everything in it. For some of my reviews I haven’t had time to try everything, but not the case this time. Oh except the seasoning, I haven’t figured out how to use that yet.

Love With Food March 2014

Love With Food March 2014 Box

This month’s box had a theme of “Flavor’s of the World” and like suggested, included food from all over the world. The Walkers shortbread cookies are a cookie I have loved for years, I even used my Love With Food points to order more of them. My two other favorite items were probably the pasta chips and the Earl Grey Tea.

Love With Food March 2014 (9)

Flavors of the World

As always Love With Food provided a nice information card with the name and a brief description of all the items included in the box. This month’s box had 8 items, which is average for a Love With Food box.

Love With Food March 2014 (5)

Wai Lana Chips – Sea Salt and Vinegar

I liked the chips themselves but not the flavor I got. I have never liked vinegar as a chip flavor, I find it too overpowering. I wish I would have gotten a different flavor, but what can you do? My husband seemed to like these OK.

Love With Food March 2014 (7)

Shortbread Fingers by Walkers

If you have never tried these before I highly recommend them. I am not even a big fan of shortbread, but these are exceptionally good. Like I mentioned above, I had enough Love With Food points to order these. I can’t wait until they arrive!

Love With Food March 2014 (2)

Taylors Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is a flavor of tea that has grown on me over the years. I used to hate it, but now it is one of my favorites. For Earl Grey tea, I found this one to be exceptionally good.

Love With Food March 2014 (8)

Ginger Chews by Chimes

I am not a big fan of ginger so I didn’t try these, but my husband did try them and liked them.

Love With Food March 2014 (1)

Lollipops by Pierrot Gourmand

This lollipop was “milky grenadine” flavored. I couldn’t imagine what that would taste like, but ended up liking it. I wonder what other flavors this company makes? I would be interested in trying some of them.

Love With Food March 2014 (3)

Taco and Burrito Meat Seasoning

I am a vegetarian, so I wasn’t too excited about this one. Even if I wasn’t I am not sure I would use this. I prefer to receive ready to eat food, rather than something I have to cook or use as an ingredient.

Love With Food March 2014 (6)

Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia

These were really good! They are made out of semolina flour, and did have a pasta taste and consistency to them. I love marinara sauce, so the flavor on top of the chips was also a winner.

Love With Food March 2014 (4)

Emmy’s Chai Spice Macaroons

These were good overall. I liked that they were Non-GMO verified and organic. The flavor did taste like chai. My husband especially liked these. I think I would probably buy them again if I saw them in a store.


Interested in trying Love With Food? The regular Love With Food is $10-$12 a month depending on which box you pick, but you can get your first regular box for only $2 by clicking here and using the coupon code YUMMY. There is also a deluxe box, and the coupon code should take $10 off that as well.

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Citrus Lane March 2014 Review

My March 2014 Citrus Lane box marks the 12th box I have received from Citrus Lane. I am excited that I have been getting their boxes for an entire year now. I have received a lot of great items and learned about a lot of new companies through my monthly boxes with them. As with all their other boxes, I think the March 2014 box had good value and a nice variety.

If you aren’t familiar with Citrus Lane, they are a monthly subscription box for children from age newborn to five years. Each month you get 4-5 items for your child, and sometimes something for Mom as well. The items are always a surprise, and the value is usually significantly above the price you pay. It’s also a fun way to learn about and try new products. The price of a box is between $21 – $25 a month depending on how many months you pay for.

Citrus Lane March 2014

Citrus Lane February 2014 Box – 14 month old girl

Claire turns 14 months this month, and so this a 14 month old girl box. I like that I have been receiving toys and books that she can grow into. This month’s box contained a lot of my favorite things to receive in a kid’s subscription box. It had a nice book, a toy, and baby food. It also came with a useful first aid kit. The one item I wasn’t that excited about was the lotion.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (7)

You Are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books – $8.09

We had the safari version of this book before, but Claire eventually destroyed it. I think the way this book has a big flap and a small flap makes it easier to destroy than a normal book, so I am really hoping this one lasts. The concept is very cute though, the bigger pages show the mommy animal and the smaller pages show the baby animal.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (2)

Push Pull Toy from Hape – $13.99

Hape is another great company I have learned about through subscription boxes. This month Citrus Lane had the option to choose one of the items in your box. We got to pick from a few different animal versions of this push pull toy. I had trouble deciding, but ultimately went with the elephant. All of the options were cute.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (4)

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda – $13.20

To be honest I wasn’t that excited to get another body lotion in this box. I like body lotion, but it takes a long time for me to go through it, and I still have a lot of body lotion we haven’t. I do like the Weleda company for the other products of theirs I have tried, so I am sure we will end up using this eventually.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (1)

Medi Buddy from Me4Kids – $5.99

It never would have occurred to me to get a travel first aid kit, but now that I have one I think it is an incredibly useful item to have and I am glad I received it in my box. It contains various first aid items, and also some stickers. The box is a good size to keep in a diaper bag, or you could also keep it somewhere like the trunk of your car.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (3)

Stage 2 World Baby Pouch from Plum Organics – $1.50

Plum Organics is my favorite baby food company, they make a lot of interesting baby and toddler food, and I love that all of it is organic. I have seen these World Baby pouches in a few different stores, but Claire has never tried this particular flavor. If she likes it I will probably try to pick up a few of the other flavors next time I am at the store.

Citrus Lane March 2014 (5)

Citrus Lane March 2014 Information Card

As usual, a detailed information card was included in the box. The total value I got for this month’s box was $42.59, so it’s definitely a great value considering the box (depending on what deal you get), costs only about half that. If you are interested in trying Citrus Lane you can click here and use the coupon code SAVEHALF to save 50% off your first box.

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February 2014 Bluum Box Review

My February 2014 Bluum Box arrived yesterday, and as usual I was excited to see it, as was Claire when I opened it and showed it to her. I think Bluum Box has been doing a good job keeping up the quality of their boxes in recent months. My box this month is for a 13 month old girl.

If you aren’t familiar with Bluum Box, they are monthly subscription box of baby items that costs between $25-$21 a month. If you are interested in finding out more about Bluum Box, you can check out their website here. If you use my link, you can save 50% off your first box.

Bluum Box February 2014

Bluum Box February 2014

Bluum Box sends out an e-mail around the time you are supposed to get your box. Sometimes I read it so I will know what we are getting and sometimes I don’t so we will be surprised. This month I got the e-mail the same day I got the box so I ended up being surprised with what was inside. I thought this month, like recent months, had a nice variety of items.

This bath book and rubber ducky was my favorite item in the box. We only have one other bath book so we can certainly use more. The rubber ducky is also cute. I like when I receive books for Claire in general, and I include bath books in the book category.

Bluum Box February 2014 (1)

Manhattan Toy – Cozies Plush – Grey & White Dog – $12.99

I am usually not overly excited to get a new stuffed animal since I think it is very easy for kids of have tons of them. I would rather get something a little more interesting or unique. That being said this plush is cute and Claire seems to like it.

I like this cream, but I already have a lot of it. It is a nice diaper cream, I just get it in boxes or as a sample frequently, and it takes us a long time to go through it.

Bluum Box February 2014 (2)

Nature’s Bakery – Fig Bar – Whole Wheat Raspberry – $1.25

I haven’t tried this one yet but it definitely looks good and I am almost certain I will like it. It is nice when a little gift is included for Mom, especially when it is food.

Bluum Box February 2014 (4)

Earth Friendly Products – Baby Ecos Stain And Odor Remover – $3.99

I wasn’t that excited about this product since I am not sure I will ever actually use it. Claire’s clothing does get stained, but it seems like just putting it in the washer takes care of the stains most of the time. I will store this away for later and may use it eventually.


So overall I liked the box. It wasn’t my favorite Bluum Box ever but I still think it was worth the price. The total I got for this month’s box was $39.60, so even if you pay the full $25 it is a good deal. Interested in trying Bluum Box or just learning more?  You can save 50% off your first box by clicking here.

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Nibblr Box February 2014 Review PT 2

So I got a second nibblr box this month and I wanted to post a review on it. I am always excited when I get a new nibblr, as that means I will have interesting snacks to eat for the next few days. As usual, I liked the variety included in this box, and thought all the snacks were tasty. This box was kindly provided by nibblr, as always, all opinions are my own.

Nibblr February Pt 2

I like how everything fits so well in the box, the box is small enough to fit in the mail box, which I like, especially in the rainy weather. The box had a nice variety of fruit, nuts and even some chocolate.

If you are not familiar with nibblr, they are a subscription snack box that delivers to your home or office. Each box contains four portioned controlled snacks. You can choose where and how often you want to receive your box. You can customize which snacks you receive by rating which you like on nibblr’s website. The rating options are “love”, “like”, “interested” or “no thanks.” The boxes are $5.99 each, or less if you choose to prepay for either 4 or 12 boxes. If you’re interested in trying nibblr, you can use the code PLUSONE to get your first box for free.

Nibblr February Pt 2 (1)

Coco’s First Date – This one contained almonds, dates and coconut chips. I thought it was a good flavor combination, I especially liked the coconut.

Nibblr February Pt 2 (2)

PB&J – This one is just like the description implies, it tastes like you are eating a PB&J sandwich. It contained grape infused raisins, peanut butter wafers, and peanuts.

Nibblr February Pt 2 (3)

Turtle Twist – This was my favorite of this box. It contained dark chocolate, walnuts and caramel bits. An excellent combination, I especially loved the dark chocolate.

Nibblr February Pt 2 (4)

A, B, C’s - This one contained all dried fruit, which is nice being that it is still Winter and it’s still hard to find decent fruit in the grocery store. It contained apples, cranberries and blueberries. I’ve missed eating blueberries so it was nice to have some.


Do you subscribe to nibblr? What did you think of it? Interested in trying nibblr? You can get your first box free by using the code PLUSONE.

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Love With Food February 2014 Review

It’s that time of the month again when I get to review my Love With Food subscription box. Once again, I thought Love With Food did a great job with their February 2014 box. I think Love With Food is a consistently good subscription box, and that is why they are my favorite snack box. The food is usually tasty and interesting, you get a good variety of snacks, and at $10-$12 a month it isn’t going to break the bank. Here is an overview of what I got in this month’s box:

Love With Food February 2014 (1)

Love With Food February 2014 Box

I’ve noticed that Love With Food sometimes includes a little extra gift in their box. A few month’s ago I got a nice tote bag, and this month the box came with a heart shaped food bag clip. I love bag clips, and always seem to lose the ones I buy. It’s a lot easier than trying to roll up an open bag of chips and get it to stay rolled up on it’s own.

Love With Food February 2014 (7)

Love With Food Bag Clip

This clip is really cute, I assume it’s heart shaped because this month had Valentine’s Day. A nice and usual extra that I will definitely be using.

Love With Food February 2014 (4)

Snack Olives by Mario Camacho

If you’ve read some of my previous snack reviews before, you’ll know that I absolutely love olives! I think the idea of individually packed olives is a great idea. These were tasty green olives with a pepper flavoring. Some people got the same olives with garlic, which I wish I had gotten. I assumed I would like the garlic ones though, and I went and ordered them off of the Love With Food website. Can’t wait until they arrive!

Love With Food February 2014 (5)

Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelle by Gavottes

These were a crispy crepe cookie covered in dark chocolate. The description sounded good, and they were really tasty. I am glad the box came with two of them so both my husband and I could have one.

Love With Food February 2014 (2)

Restaurant Style White Bean Chips by Beanitos

I love the trend of making chips out of all sorts of different ingredients. Back in the day all the chips seemed to only be made out of potatoes and corn, but now you can find all sorts of interesting varieties. These white bean chips were really good, I think they would go well with salsa, like how they are pictured on the bag.

Love With Food February 2014 (9)

Honey Graham Stocks by Back to Nature

I’ve always liked graham crackers, but they aren’t a snack I would think to buy in the store. Getting these in the box made me remember why I like them.

Love With Food February 2014 (8)

Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Emily’s

I am also a big fan of chocolate covered fruit, although blueberries aren’t my favorite. If you like blueberries you would certainly like these. The chocolate was high quality and it was a good snack overall.

Love With Food February 2014 (6)

TCHO Chocolate Squares

I am familiar with TCHO, and think it is some of the best chocolate out there. Both the flavors the box came with were really good.

Love With Food February 2014 (3)

Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy

This was a classic biscotti with chocolate chips. I should have waited and eaten it with some coffee, but I just ate it plain. Like everything else in this month’s Love With Food food box, I thought this one was really good. Love With Food did a great job of picking a variety of snacks. My only critique might be that many of the snacks were sweet, I think it would be nice to see a few more savory snacks, but that is just my personal opinion.

Interested in trying Love With Food? You can click here to sign up. Love With Food costs $10-$12 a box, but you can get your first box for only $2 if you use the code YUMMYIf you use my link, I will get a $5 credit, which I really appreciate. Do you subscribe to Love With Food? What did you think of the February 2014 box?

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Citrus Lane February 2014 Review

My February 2014 Citrus Lane box arrived yesterday, and as usual we were excited to see what was in it. Citrus Lane is probably my favorite subscription box that we receive each month. I have been subscribed to them for almost a year now, and have liked every box we have received. This month was no exception. Our February box is for a 13 month old girl. The boxes vary based on the age and gender of the child.

If you are not familiar with Citrus Lane, they are a monthly subscription box for children from age newborn to five years. Each month you get 4-5 items for your child, and sometimes something for Mom as well. The items are always a surprise, and the value is usually significantly above the price you pay. It’s also a fun way to learn about and try new products. The price of a box is between $21 – $25 a month depending on how many months you pay for.

Citrus Lane February 2014

Citrus Lane February 2014 Box – 13 month old girl

Here is an overview of what was inside this month’s box. This month’s box seemed a little more empty than some previous boxes, I guess because it only had 4 items. On the upside, I liked all 4 of the items and each one will definitely get used. Books don’t take up a lot of space, so I am always happy to get a new one. The bath toy is one that we don’t have, and it looks like a fun one Claire will like. The bowl is also useful, and the lotion is a good size for keeping in my purse or diaper bag.

Citrus Lane February 2014 (5)

Citrus Lane February 2014 Information card

One nice thing about Citrus Lane is that they always include a detailed information card of all the items you receive. I like reading it to learn more about the products in the box, and the companies that provide the product. I have learned about a lot of great companies this way.

Citrus Lane February 2014 (1)

Water Bugs from Boon – $7.99

I have a lot of bath toys from Boon, and think they make a lot of interesting and quality items. This is one we don’t have yet, and it looks like it will be fun for Claire. We will try it out the next time we give Claire a bath.

Oogaa is company I was already familiar with after receiving a silicon spoon from them in a previous Citrus Lane box. I like that this bowl is made out of silicon because that way I know it isn’t leeching BPA or EA chemicals into the food we put in it. Also nice is that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. I like it so much I am considering buying a few more of them.

This is another example of the great high quality books that Citrus Lane provides in their boxes. Claire immediately took to this book and I think it will probably become one of her favorites. I hope Citrus Lane continues to include a book in each box.

I like when Citrus Lane provides an item for Mom as well. I am not too familiar with the company Juice Beauty, but I like the scent and size of this hand cream, so I will try keeping it in my purse to see how I like it.


The total value I got for the February 2014 Citrus Lane box was $42.25, which is a good deal considering the most you would pay for the box is $25. Interested in trying Citrus Lane? You can save $10 off your first box by using this link. You can also use the coupon code VDAY20 to save $20 off a package subscription.

Do you already subscribe to Citrus Lane? What did you get in your February 2014 box? How did you like the box?

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NatureBox February 2014 Review

My NatureBox arrived later than usual this month, but the upside was that it came with a surprise bag! This means I got six snacks instead of the usual five. I have been considering upgrading to ten bags a month instead of the five I get now, since they don’t seem to last very long. I am still not sure though since I get a few other snack subscriptions as well.

NatureBox February 2014

NatureBox February 2014

Once again NatureBox was out of one of the snacks I picked, and so they substituted a Chili Munch Mix. I wish they would give me an option of picking what substitution I wanted, as that isn’t one I would have picked. On the upside I got a surprise gift in this box, which was the Flax Crostini Bites. I think both snacks will get eaten, so overall I am still happy with this box.

NatureBox February 2014 (1)

Flax Crostini Bites

This is my first time getting a surprise gift, I love surprises and it’s a fun way to try a snack you might not have necessarily picked. I am not sure I ever would have picked this one, but I am excited that I got it.

NatureBox February 2014 (4)

Flax Fortune Cookies

I love fortune cookies, so when I saw this snack I knew I had to try it. I also plan to get it next month. These taste like a standard fortune cookie with a slight nutty flavor from the flax seed. The cookies themselves are small and flat.

NatureBox February 2014 (5)

Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels

NatureBox was out of these last month, but this month I was finally able to get them. These have a sharp and salty cheddar flavor. I like them overall but think they taste a little too salty. I think they would be great with drinking beer and watching football, not that I do either of those things all that frequently.

NatureBox February 2014 (6)

South Pacific Plantains

I like plantains better than bananas, I find bananas too sweet, and plantains are more versatile. These are more of a savory snack and are only lightly sweet. I like them but think are a little plain. They would be better with a bit more flavoring.

NatureBox February 2014 (2)

Sweet Blueberry Almonds

I love these almonds, we have gotten them a few times before. They have a light and sweet blueberry flavor, and are excellent. If you like sweet almonds I highly recommend them.

NatureBox February 2014 (3)

Chili Munch Mix

I didn’t pick this one, but the one I picked wasn’t available. I don’t like that it says it is spicy, so I haven’t tried it yet. I hope it isn’t too spicy. Who knows, maybe it will be good.


So besides the Chili Munch Mix, I was happy with everything in this box. Now I am off to look through all their new snacks and decide what I want in next month’s box.

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